Online Map Quality Analyst- Hong Kong
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日期: 2019-08-16
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Part-time, independent appointment, home work

Job description

Do you work with the "Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in the United States"? Are you eager to earn a good income at home? ? Lionbridge's part-time independent appointment is best for you! We are currently hiring an online map quality analyst in Hong Kong.

This position is a form of home work, flexible working hours, 20 hours or less per week, and is dedicated to assessing the quality of online map data. Job applicants must have excellent data collection skills, be interested in local and national geographic knowledge, and have in-depth knowledge.

Job Requirements

  • Must be fluent in Chinese (traditional) and English
  • Home with high-speed broadband Internet access equipment
  • Expertise related to local and national geographic regions
  • Experience/knowledge of using online maps, route planning and collecting information on attractions
  • Must live in Hong Kong for the past 2 years and have local culture, history and geography

Work content

  • Read and apply written work guidelines
  • Online skills assessment test
  • Perform online map production and route planning related work
  • Conduct data collection and use online tools to verify the accuracy of geographical query items
  • Rate or rate work-related information

The number of hours of work per week for this project is approximately 10 - 20 hours.

This position is an independent and free appointment.


Next step?

Do not hesitate! Please submit your application at so that our recruiting team members can start the review process as soon as possible.


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